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The Lucky Wife Franchisee profile

Updated: Jan 18, 2023

Are you the right fit for Lucky Wife Wine Slushies?

I admit I am not a seasoned Franchisor. But before I became a Franchisor I did a lot of studying about "why franchisees fail." I won't bore you with the stats I found out about the failure rate and drop out rates of franchises, but they are staggering to me. I couldn't help but try to figure out how a system could work so well in one spot and fail in the next town over. Then, the more I dug the clearer it got. Apparently, there are a lot of franchisors that use the ole philosophy of "if you throw enough mud against the wall, some of it is gonna stick." mentality.

Jen & I have decided to take a different approach. Fellow franchisors laugh if you may, but we want to create a franchise family with a zero percent failure rate. If you aren't making any money it's because you chose to leave the trailer in the driveway. You noticed I used the word "chose"? That's because our business plan, unlike most out there, is about choices. Lots of choices. Don't misunderstand me, we believe we have developed a plan that for those that want to "get after it", and can make really big money. But, at the same time, we were created out of a desire to choose. Choose when and where we wanted to work.

Back to the "right fit." We believe our perfect franchisee is someone that is tired of working for "the man." (figure of speech there) You aren't ready to retire, but wouldn't it be nice to work for yourself? You have probably dreamed of being your own boss, but the lack of opportunities have kept you in the JOB. There are a lot of folks that want to work for themselves, but not by themselves. They want a support system, a plan, and a group of like minded folks to lean on from time to time. After all, not everybody can invent the home computer in their garage, the rest of us will take an existing idea and do our part to take it to the next level.

So...If you think you would like to hear more, reach out to me. I'd love to hear where your at in the dream search and we can compare notes and see if we both think Lucky Wife might help you get there.



Jennifer Flick
Jennifer Flick
Jan 18, 2023

Looks great!


Unknown member
Jan 18, 2023

test comment

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