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The Lucky Wife Franchisor/Franchise Developer

This is an important read if you have any interest in becoming a Lucky Wife Wine Slushies franchisee. If you not really interested in a Lucky Wife Franchise.....well....the back of your cereal box might be more interesting.

Some folks want a sales & support team of 20 millennials ready to respond on every social media platform with all the right "robot responses"  to their selected FAQs.

Then there's me.  If I were trying to decide whether or not to buy a Tesla, I'd want to talk to Elon.  Now, I may not get to talk to him, but that's not my point.  My point is simply that many franchisors turn the sales process of their franchises over to franchise development companies.  Most of these folks are trained to be pretty savvy and push, push, push every time you make contact until the commitment to buy a franchise is achieved.

Definitely not our style.

Then, once you have decided you want to buy their franchise, they turn you over to the "closing team", then the "legal folks" will sign you up.  Then.....The "trainers" will teach you the ropes and hook you up with the "support folks" to help you along the way.  

Google "negative reviews of ".  You will find a ton of folks that think they were under told or over told of risk and income opportunities, and franchisee responsibilities before they purchased.  Then there's the others that were highly disappointed in the willingness or knowledge of the support team after the purchase.

Maybe someday Lucky Wife Wine Slushies will have grown so big that I must train others to perform these task, but for get me.  My bio below isn't real interesting.  I didn't start a fortune 500 company or teach Ray Kroc how to sell franchises.   I'm the guy you see sweeping the floor of the wine slushy laboratory on Sunday afternoon.  

Jim Flick history and experience

I quit my first stable JOB about 36 years ago at 20 years old to start my first company.  Thank goodness my mom was my book keeper or I may be in jail today.  When life kicked me in the face 8 years later, I suddenly found myself moving to Iowa, I sold that business;  it remained in operation until just a couple years ago BTW.  During that time, (approx 1989), a friend and I bought a near closing business around Nashville TN.  We brought it from failing to a nice profitable sale 6 years later.  It is still operational under the same name, (different owners), today. 

Then the move to Iowa to chase family in 1996.  I grabbed one of those things......called a "JOB" for a few years until I could get the feel for this new land I found myself in.  As soon as I could, I quit that stable job to buy into a Ford dealership in northern Iowa.  I spent 6 years as managing partner of this little Ford dealership.  I won't tell you it was the most profitable Ford store in the country, but I bet if you call up my old business partner today, he would tell you I left it better than I found it.

I then started from scratch a car and boat sales place in our town of 3400 people.  A few years later we opened another location about 40 miles away.  I sold them off years ago.  The original store now holds a Chrysler franchise and the second store holds a Tracker Boats agreement.  They are both rolling strong today.

Upon sale of tho
se two business I was contacted by one of my old Ford dealer competitors to do some consulting and training for their sales and management team.  Next thing you know I'm consulting and training in that store and another couple dealerships in Iowa as well.  For many years I had been consumed by growing myself to be a more effective leader and trainer.  I haven't written any books on the subject, but I bet I've trained more folks in sales, management and processes than a few of those professionals you might end up with in another franchise.

Next, in 2015, my wife and I started a new boat rental/sales business in Clear Lake, Iowa.  Little did we know, Lucky Wife Wine Slushies would be born out of that boat shop 7 years later.  When the boat rental business got really good, we dropped the sales, converted to seasonal, and began closing each fall and winter.  By mid 2018, anticipating being at our southern Indiana home for the next fall and winter we started our first business in the mobile food sales arena.  As with every new venture, lots to learn.  

Finding purpose with passion, even if by chance, has motivated Jen & I to put all our time and energy into Lucky Wife Wine Slushies.  We sold our boat rental biz & our food truck gig and now our only job is building the Lucky Wife Wine Slushies business and brand.  Which means helping folks like you become successful entrepreneurs.  

When your ready to be "all in", you can count on us being "all in" too.

Thank you,




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