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Well.......There's fancy folks like these.......


Then......There's us.......Jim & Jen

The Short Story:  

Yep, you guessed it, we're the ones with the "Red Arrows" pointing down on us.  We're Jim & Jen Flick, born and raised in Indiana, but we lived in Iowa, raising our kids and working our butts off for many years.  We've never been the fancy types, but we have thrived on enjoying life hanging out with friends and family.  We have been on the never-ending quest for the perfect homemade pizza joint, or the best steak, even if you have to drive 2 hours in an Iowa snow storm to get there.   In these travels, we have run across many little local wineries along the way.  Jen always has a couple of local wine favorites to try, and I generally hang out until we hit the next small-town bar on the way home. connoisseurs?  Nope. 

But a wine slushy on a warm fall day did catch my attention.  The long story is below, but the short version is Jen and I discovered a mediocre slushy, but what an amazing concept.  If we could make them really wonderful and then bring them to places that other folks like us hang out?.....You guessed it, it worked.

The wine slushy mobile event trailer idea was born that day.  


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The Long Story:

A few years back, the wife and I stumbled into this little out of state winery in the off season from our business in Clear Lake, Iowa. They had a slushy machine and offered 3 flavors of wine slushies, we gave it a try.....ehhh, so-so, we thought. 

But...we did think it was a neat idea.  Then, the next fall,  we went back to that little winery, then they had 9 flavors.  Hmmm, must be going over okay we thought. We bought one, and was just ok.  

Then, in 2021 we 
went back, ..........You guessed it....21 flavors.  Jen started asking questions, apparently they sell 700 a day on a busy Saturday in the summer.  "Holy smokes!" We we bought another one.................................. and it still tasted like a gas station slushy with a splash of booze.  

We concluded, great idea, but it must be created with better quality products for the discriminating taste of the average Clear Laker.  So, Jen did what she does, she stuck me in the kitchen and said:

"Don't come out until you have perfected the wine slushy!"

It took some doing.  First, we tried powdered flavorings, that were barely good enough for kids.  Then we moved on to flavored syrups.  The syrups were better than powder, but still sub-par.  Then we started playing around with real fruit bases.  Not the smashed-up purees you find at the restaurant supply joints; I'm talking the real deal.  The flavor was great, but the texture reminded you of that cheap kid's slushy once again.    So, to the food lab we went and finally created a blending mix that takes that icy texture down to a creamy velvety finish without compromising that real fruit flavor.

The rest is slushy history.  Season one is under our belt, we sold a bunch of wine slushies
, and we are offering franchise territory routes for all of Iowa for 2023.

Thank you for your interest in Lucky Wife Wine Slushies!

The Lucky Husband


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