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Strength in Numbers!

Updated: Sep 7, 2023

So....Jen & I are not new to this mobile vending gig. If you were hanging around southern Indiana a few years back you may have run into an Ole Canoe Slider Company food trailer parked in some random parking lot. We made a really mean slider, we had a handful of 5 star reviews, & some wonderfully loyal customers.....

Alright Jennifer!...........I will get to the point. (She does that to me all the time) point is; in the 5 years we ran the Ole Canoe Slider Company trailer we did less business than our first 2 Franchisee's did in July of this year. MMMmmmmm......Is part of that, the product? Well...Duh, we arguably created the best wine slushie on planet earth. should have tasted my sliders. Freakin Amazing! There's probably new millennial words to better say this, but the networking advantage to having multiple passionate folks all singing out of the same hymnbook is something to behold. The connections we have all made scatter all over the state and crisscrosses over and over.......

As we are planning or first annual meeting of the franchise family this fall, we couldn't be more excited about bringing all the LW folks together in one room. This is quite a community of folks helping Jen & I and....more importantly, helping each other climb to the top of the mobile vendor segment in Iowa.

Thanks crew!



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