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Are you planning a wedding?

Seems like a bunch of folks are right now.

Our NW Iowa franchisee's the Bolands just worked a wedding planning event and have a few more similar events on the calendar. I suppose weddings just don't plan themselves. Our youngest son is one of the many young folk planning a wedding this year. Well.....I should say Madison, his fiance is planning a wedding. I'm pretty sure Collin is just planning on showing up.

Anyway.....There is a lot to planning one of these major life events. The big day needs to be a special day for the lucky couple as well as for the family and friends. This business of making memories is a serious business; you have to find the right venue, ya know the one that fits your type of celebration. Then, of course, the right clothes to wear. Everything has got to be just perfect to make the best possible memories of a lifetime.

You knew this was coming.........Have you ever heard of a couple having a Lucky Wife Mobile Event Trailer setup and serving wine slushies to their family and friends? I know, I's not about "one upping" your cousins wedding.....but do you think anyone will remember your Aunt Jean serving punch made of Kool-aid and cheap booze? Let's class it up a bit. Click here to jump to our wedding planning page of the website. We have a plan for every budget!

See ya at the church!



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