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Iowa Franchise Territories Announced!

Updated: Feb 6, 2023

It's official! The map of the Iowa territories has hit the website. All available territories have been named and counties divided. Your're gonna look that over and wonder....."How in the world did they decide how to divide this up?" and...That's a really good question. We didn't use a FB algorithm, Populations were a factor, but not those alone. We took into consideration major event opportunities, in season population swings and some good old-fashioned guess work.

Do we think they all have equal opportunities? Well, no.... and yes! It's impossible to chop up the state of Iowa into 18 pieces and say they are all the same. There's a world of differences in these territories. But, they are all the same regarding your opportunity to be a successful owner operator of a Lucky Wife Mobile Event trailer franchise. And, I should add, they all cost the same to get started. Every franchise in Iowa is the same price. Now, will some franchises be worth more than others down the road if you were to sell a franchise? Of course. But, I will add, it will depend more on how well you develop the territory than simply just the real estate that it covers.

Well, enough for now, shoot me a call or text if you have any questions.

Jim 515-570-2203. cell


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