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Building more trailers!

Updated: May 19, 2023

So....we have a long list and a short list. There are many folks out there inquiring about territory franchise opportunities. And...there are a handful of you all that are in the process of sorting out the details to get going. We have another four trailers being built right now. These four trailers can be ready in time for the start of the summer season.

The Lucky Wife Mobile Event Trailers (LWMET) are fully equipped units with everything you need to serve up to 1400 slushies a day. Now....That's a lot of slushies! They have 2 fast cool down commercial refrigeration units, the 2 slushie machine carts which provide 6 fresh flavors and a glass top deep freezer you can fill of frozen slushies in other favorite flavors. And if there's no place to plug in.....well....the LWMET has a Honda eu7000is BlueTooth app controlled power inverter onboard to run smooth and quiet all day long. Even if your in the middle of a cornfield.

We make it easy, and it's tons of fun!



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