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Shell Rock....Rocks!

Updated: Jul 5, 2023

So Jen & I don't work a territory, per say.....

What I should say is that Jen works events here and there in territories that are still available to buy. And I, have been elected to "Drive Miss Daisy", I drive the motorhome, set up camp and assist Jen in getting the Lucky Wife Mobile Event trailer ready to go. While Jen's selling wine slushies, I'm pecking away on my MAC at the campground. And yes, I generally have dinner ready when she gets back from a hard days work.

Over the last few days we have found ourselves in Shell Rock Iowa. Prior to this visit, I'm pretty sure I may have stopped for gas here once, but....couldn't have told you a thing about this little town. But now I can. First, 1st class folks. I mean not fancy dressed up like, just downhome kind and friendly. The event coordinator was extremely accommodating, and these folks were genuinely really glad we are here. Feels good to be wanted.

As for the event.....well....let's start with great bands.... ALL OF THEM. Ya know what I mean.....they didn't pick their brother-n-law because he needed a job, they took the cream of the crop. And food vendors....yep, they did it again. They didn't burry everyone with a ton of crappy food trucks. An amazing BBQ dude, A seafood guy with a great story to tell, and the Pizza peeps from Cedar falls that has things figured out.... Anyway, the food was really good. Did I mention reggie the mini Donut Dude? Just kidding, I knew I hadn't. Anyway, he was a good neighbor beside the LW wine slushie trailer. And by the way, he got a little loose lipped on the secret to his amazing mini donuts. For $20 Reggie, I'll keep my mouth shut.

Anyway....when you take everything I have mentioned and throw in a great fireworks show over the Shell Rock River....Yep...Perfection.

Great Job Shell Rock!



Can you please send the pictures of the bartenders from TPs cooler in Shell Rock to me @rachaelorth

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