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Events for 2023!

Updated: Feb 10, 2023

Holy cow, there's a lot going on in Iowa!

Now that January has hit, many of the years events have hit the internet. Planning time is in full steam here at Corporate and with the Okoboji area franchisee area. If you ever wondered if there would be very many gigs to work in your area, rest at ease, there's a lot going on. Jen will be spending a lot of time at the North Iowa Fair Grounds this summer, they really have some fun events on the calendar. You will see us in other parts of the state throughout the year as well. While many of these events will be in unsold territories, we want to spread the Lucky Wife Love, and there's no better way than handing someone a ice cold slushy! So if you see the corporate trailer roaming around, stop by and say hello.


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